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Gorgonzola Piccante DOP – BASSI FORMAGGI

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Indulge in the exquisite taste of Bassi Formaggi Gorgonzola Piccante. This premium Italian blue cheese offers a delightful balance of creamy richness and intense tangy, spicy flavors. Crafted with expertise and passion, it’s a true delight for gourmet cheese enthusiasts. We advise pairing this Gorgonzola with a gorgeously well-structured, warm, mature red wine to get the greatest flavor out of it.

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A Delectable Italian Delight

Gorgonzola cheese is a renowned Italian blue cheese with a history dating back centuries. Named after the small town of Gorgonzola near Milan, this cheese is characterized by its distinct blue veining and creamy texture. Made from cow’s milk, Gorgonzola undergoes a unique aging process that allows the blue mold to develop, imparting a tangy and slightly spicy flavor profile. As required by the production disciplinary, the maturation of sweet Gorgonzola has a minimum maturation period of 50 days and a maximum of 150 days; the seasoning of spicy Gorgonzola has a minimum duration of 80 days and a maximum of 270 days

A Palate-Pleasing Experience

Bassi Formaggi Gorgonzola Piccante is renowned for its distinctive and bold flavors. With its creamy and crumbly texture, it captivates the palate with a delightful combination of tanginess and piquancy. Each bite unveils a complex profile, boasting earthy undertones complemented by a sharp, slightly spicy and robust taste. Whether enjoyed on a cheese platter, crumbled over salads, or incorporated into your favorite recipes, this cheese is sure to elevate your culinary creations to new heights.

A Symbol of Authenticity

Bassi Formaggi Gorgonzola Piccante proudly bears the DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) certification, a testament to its superior quality and adherence to traditional production methods. This esteemed designation guarantees that the cheese is made using specific ingredients and follows strict guidelines to preserve its authenticity and regional heritage. By choosing Bassi Formaggi Gorgonzola Piccante, you are savoring a cheese that reflects the time-honored traditions and culinary excellence of Italy.

Craftsmanship and Expertise

Bassi Formaggi has established itself as a symbol of craftsmanship and expertise in the world of Italian cheese. With a rich legacy spanning generations, the company is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality and flavor. Bassi Formaggi Gorgonzola Piccante is a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence, delivering a cheese that delights the senses and embodies the essence of Italian gastronomy.

Versatility in Culinary Delight

Bassi Formaggi Gorgonzola Piccante is a versatile cheese that lends itself to a variety of culinary creations. Its robust spicy flavors make it a perfect choice for cheese platters and charcuterie boards, where it can be paired with fruits, honey, and nuts to create a harmonious balance of tastes. This cheese also shines when crumbled over salads, stirred into risottos, or melted into creamy sauces. Its ability to elevate dishes with its distinctive character is what sets Bassi Formaggi Gorgonzola Piccante apart.






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