Flour, Biscuit,
Rice, Couscous

Tomato, Olive Oil,

Cold Cut,
Salami, Sausage

Italian Cheese



MARCATO FRESH PASTA Automatic Pasta Machine



You may produce lasagne (150 mm), fettuccine (6.5 mm), and tagliolini using the accessory kit that is supplied (1.5 mm). The ideal appliance for making homemade pasta is Pasta Fresca!

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The small, quick mixer is ideal for making homemade pasta!

In a matter of minutes, Pasta Fresca can knead bread, pizza, and biscuit dough. With the help of useful accessories, it can also cut various pasta forms.

The same outcome as hand-kneading 500g of flour takes 3 minutes with Pasta Fresca: a compact, elastic, and smooth dough.

Pasta Dough Ingredients


  1. Pasta Fresca’s lid should be opened, and the components should be added, starting with the flour. Ensure the led is off and the side cap is closed.
  2. Press the ON/OFF switch to turn on the machine, then close the lid.
  3. The dough should be smooth and hard after about 3 minutes. To get the dough out, lift the lid.
  4. Slice the prepared dough into four to five pieces.
  5. Set the settings to 0, then feed some dough through the smooth rollers.
  6. Five to six times, fold the pasta sheet each time, and, if required, add more flour to the center.
  7. To create the appropriate pasta shape, attach the chosen cutting accessory and begin rolling the pasta sheet through the rollers.
  8. Depending on thickness, homemade pasta cooks in only 2-4 minutes. Once the pasta begins to float, it is done.



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