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OONI KODA 12 Gas Powered Pizza Oven


  • Uses gas fuel for the most ease and control
  • In just 15 minutes your oven reaches 500°C
  • And in only 60 seconds, a fresh 12-inch pizza is stone-baked
  • Weighting only 9.25kg, it can fit in any outdoor area

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Why is Ooni Koda 12 so fantastic?

  • Make the most of your limited time. In just 60 seconds, Ooni Koda 12 can produce jaw-dropping pizzas. There is no assembly, mess, or fuss
  • Gas outdoor cooking has never been so straightforward (or so beautiful). The incredibly small Ooni Koda 12 is ready to use right out of the box and takes just a few seconds
  • To insert the stone baking board and connect to a gas tank, simply flip open the foldable legs
  • Ooni Koda 12 has immediate gas ignition and can cook at temperatures of up to 500°C (950°F) in 15 minutes
  • Using the heat control dial, you can cook anything from roasted fish, vegetables, and steaks to pizza in just 60 seconds


  • Dimensions when unboxed are 62 x 39 x 29 cm (24.4 x 15.5 x 11.7′′)
  • Weight when unboxed: 9.25kg (20.4lbs)
  • 37/50mBar Box includes a patio gas regulator and hose.
  • Cooking area: 337 x 337mm (1314″ x 1314″)
  • Commercial-grade cold-rolled carbon steel shell with a powder-coated finish that resists high temperatures
  • 10mm baking stone made of cordierite
  • 1.2 m of hose
  • Outlet for Hose: 8mm barb (supplied fully assembled to hose)
  • Push-on style regulator inlet, 27mm in diameter appropriate for a patio
  • Regulator for bottles: 37/50 mBar Fuel regulator
  • If the flame is put out while the gas supply is still on, the built-in Flame Safety Device (FSD) will automatically turn the gas supply off to Ooni Koda 12.
  • Large propane tanks are compatible with Ooni Koda 12



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