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Remilled Semolina (5Kg) – DIVELLA


Our Divella Remilled Semolina Flour is made from premium durum wheat, finely ground to create a silky, versatile ingredient. Ideal for making pastries, breads, and pasta, it adds a delicate texture and authentic Italian taste to your culinary creations. Elevate your dishes with the quality of Divella.

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Discover the Versatility

Semolina flour, derived from durum wheat, is a cornerstone of Italian cuisine. Our Divella Semolina is meticulously crafted from the finest durum wheat, ensuring exceptional quality and performance in every bag. Its coarse texture and rich golden color make it ideal for a wide range of recipes.

Perfect Pasta Creations

One of the standout features of Divella Semolina is its versatility. Whether you’re making homemade pasta, baking bread, or creating delectable desserts, this flour is your key to success. Its unique texture lends itself perfectly to pasta-making, resulting in noodles with a firm bite and a satisfying chewiness.

Bread Baking Brilliance

When it comes to bread baking, Divella Semolina shines. It adds structure and character to your loaves, giving them a golden crust and a delightful chewy interior. The flour’s distinct flavor and texture make each bite a memorable experience. Elevate your bread-making game with the finest quality semolina flour.

Sweet Treats with a Twist

But the uses of Divella Semolina don’t end there. Its exceptional properties extend to sweet treats as well. Try incorporating this flour into your cookie dough, cakes, and pastries to achieve a delightful texture and enhance the overall flavor. Let your creativity run wild with the possibilities.

Unlock the Secrets of Italian Cuisine

Unlock the secrets of Italian cuisine with Divella Semolina. Discover the perfect balance of texture, flavor, and versatility that will take your culinary creations to the next level. From pasta to bread to delectable desserts, our semolina flour delivers an authentic taste of Italy to your kitchen

The remilling process gives our semolina a fine consistency, making it ideal for making delicate pastries and breads such as foccacia and egg pastas.

  • W= 180-200
  • P/L= 0,90-1,30
  • Dry Gluten: min. 12,5%
  • Protein: min. 13,5%
  • Absorption: 59-62%
  • Rising Time: 1’50’’-2’
  • Stability: 4’-6’


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