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Essenza Italiana 16/18 months parmesan – MONTANARI & GRUZZA


Essenza Italiana offers a vegetarian-friendly, 100% natural Parmesan variety aged for 16/18 months. It is lactose free, preservatives free, additives free, sugar free, gluten free.

Crafted with care from only three ingredients (100% Italian milk, sea salt, vegetable rennet), it delivers a delicate aroma and distinctive flavor, bringing the essence of Italian cuisine to your table.


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A Vegetarian-Friendly Delight

One of the distinguishing features of “Essenza Italiana” Parmesan is its vegetarian-friendly nature. With the use of vegetable rennet, we ensure that vegetarians can savor the authentic flavors of Parmesan without compromising their dietary choices. This cheese embodies the essence of Italian gastronomy while accommodating diverse dietary preferences.

Aging to Perfection

The aging process of 16/18 months is a crucial step in the production of “Essenza Italiana” Parmesan. During this time, the cheese develops its distinctive characteristics, resulting in a firm texture that is finely grainy. Each wheel is carefully nurtured to perfection, allowing the flavors to mature and intensify, creating a cheese that is truly exceptional.

Pure and Natural

“Essenza Italiana” Parmesan is a pure and natural cheese, free from preservatives, additives, sugars, and naturally lactose-free. This commitment to using only the finest ingredients ensures that every bite is a wholesome and authentic experience. We prioritize the health and well-being of our customers by providing them with a product that is both delicious and nutritionally balanced.

Delicate Aroma, Distinctive Flavor

When you open a block of “Essenza Italiana” Parmesan, you’ll be greeted by its fragrant aroma, inviting you to savor its delicate and distinctive flavor. The taste is a symphony of nuttiness and subtle sweetness, with a consistent aftertaste that lingers on the palate. Each bite is an exquisite journey through the rich heritage of Italian cheese-making traditions.

Versatile Culinary Companion

The versatility of “Essenza Italiana” Parmesan allows you to unleash your culinary creativity. Grate it over pasta, risotto, or salads to enhance their flavors and elevate your dishes to new heights. Its intense and complex profile adds depth and richness to any recipe, making it a prized ingredient in Italian and international cuisine.

Bringing Italian Excellence to Vietnam

At Luna, we are committed to bringing the essence of Italian cuisine to Vietnam. We meticulously select and import “Essenza Italiana” Parmesan from Montanari & Gruzza, ensuring that our customers despite of dietary choices can still receive the finest quality cheese. With our expertise and passion for Italian food, we aim to provide an authentic and enjoyable culinary experience for all.






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