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With roots dating back to 1890 in Rutigliano, Bari, Divella boasts a rich legacy, with its main production facilities still located there today. Initially an artisan pasta factory, the company has since diversified into flour, baked products, fresh pasta, canned tomatoes, preserves, and more. Throughout its history, Divella has prioritized innovation and product development while maintaining a strong commitment to quality and preserving the essence of Mediterranean cuisine.

In 2020, Divella celebrated its 130th anniversary, a milestone recognized by the Ministry of Economic Development with a commemorative stamp. Additionally, Divella joins the register of historic Italian brands of national interest, further solidifying its significance in the culinary landscape.

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Since 1954, the family behind Olio Guglielmi has dedicated themselves to nurturing and tending to their olive trees. Thanks to Grandfather Saverio, a legacy was born, cultivating a family deeply rooted in the production of extra virgin olive oil. Sons and nephews are devoted to the cultivation of 200 hectares of family-owned olive groves, overseeing every step from harvesting to milling to produce genuinely excellent extra virgin olive oil. Extracted without additives or solvents and undergoing no industrial processing, extra virgin olive oil retains its natural flavors, aromas, and health benefits, making it a cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet and a symbol of quality and authenticity.

Belonging to the Centuries-Old Olive Trees Presidium (Presidio Slow Food Olivi Secolari), the Guglielmi family diligently cares for the region’s native cultivars. They manage these olive trees without synthetic fertilizers and chemical herbicides, ensuring the preservation of varieties like Coratina, Peranzana, and Ogliarola, which are typical of Apulia.

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Gianni Negrini

Since 1955, the Negrini family has crafted exceptional cold cuts in Italy’s revered meat-curing region (Emilia Romagna), known for its rich heritage and unparalleled reputation in the craft. Throughout their journey, they have remained steadfast in honoring the traditions of their trade. It is this unwavering commitment to heritage and quality that has propelled the Negrini Group to become a cornerstone of the Italian food industry.

Their dedication to quality assurance is demonstrated through partnerships with esteemed production consortiums and science faculties at leading universities, preserving Italian traditions while maintaining top-tier standards. Prioritizing animal welfare, their pigs are exclusively raised and bred in Italy on ‘high welfare’ and ‘closed-cycle’ farms, underscoring their commitment to ethical practices and environmental stewardship.

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Montanari & Gruzza

Founded in 1950, Montanari & Gruzza emerged in a territory steeped in the essence of Italian culinary heritage. As a leader in cheese production, they pride themselves on managing milk collection directly, bypassing intermediaries, and processing it within a few hours to ensure optimal freshness and quality.

In Parmigiano Reggiano production, understanding the characteristics of the dough and the use of raw milk, without anti-fermentation agents and preservatives, demands extraordinary knowledge. The success in producing top-tier cheeses hinges on two key principles: patience, reflecting the gradual passage of time required to create the finest cheese, and ingenuity, as they continue to employ age-old techniques and wisdom passed down through generations of cheesemakers, reflecting their profound connection to this tradition.

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Bassi Formaggi

As a prominent figure in the production of Gorgonzola, Bassi’s journey stretches back to the late nineteenth century. Founded in 1890 by Giovanni Bassi, the company embarked on a passionate endeavor to create the finest Gorgonzola.

Today, Bassi SPA proudly stands in Marano Ticino as a testament to its dedication and legacy. The company’s commitment has led to the establishment of a comprehensive production cycle, meticulously overseeing every aspect from the careful collection of milk to the expert crafting, aging, and packaging of its cheeses.

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