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Riso Superfino Arborio (1Kg) – DIVELLA


Riso Arborio is an italian superthin short-grain rice that is firm, creamy and chewy when cooked due to its high starch content. The grain is large and pearly, and tends to grow significantly in volume during cooking, absorbing water as much as five times the equivalent of its weight. It is more common than the more highly-prized Carnaroli variety.

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Exceptional Quality from Italy’s Finest Fields

Discover the exceptional quality of Divella Riso Superfino Arborio, the finest risotto rice that will transport you to the heart of Italian culinary excellence. Arborio rice takes its name from the Vercelli municipality of Arborio, in the Po Valley situated in the Piedmont region of Italy. With its impeccable texture, flavor-absorbing ability, and renowned brand legacy, Divella Riso Superfino Arborio is the choice of discerning chefs and cooking enthusiasts.

The Essence of Flavorful Risottos

Divella Riso Superfino Arborio’s exceptional ability to absorb and retain flavors makes it the preferred choice for crafting authentic Italian risottos. From classic mushroom to seafood and truffle-infused creations, this premium rice variety delivers a depth of flavor and exquisite mouthfeel that will leave your taste buds longing for more.

Divella’s Legacy of Italian Excellence

With over a century of expertise, Divella is a renowned brand in the realm of Italian cuisine. Each grain of Divella Riso Superfino Arborio reflects the care and mastery that goes into cultivating and processing the finest Italian rice. Experience the essence of true Italian cooking with this exceptional product.

Versatile Culinary Possibilities

Divella Riso Superfino Arborio goes beyond risotto. This premium rice variety can be used to create a myriad of delectable dishes, including rice puddings, rice salads, and velvety rice-based desserts. Its ability to absorb flavors and release starch makes it an essential ingredient for various culinary creations.






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